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We ensure access to quality education for more than 1,000 children and youth each year, promote interventions that can guarantee young people the right to a college education and entry into the world of work, and implement social inclusion projects for at-risk children. We give support to women by accompanying them in micro-entrepreneurship paths through training and provision of tools, as well as promoting and supporting women's empowerment groups. We work for economic and social development of communities by providing services and gathering spaces and health promotion pathways.


Supporting children and youths that are excluded from education has always been the core of the commitment of CARE TO ACTION. Rights protection, access to education, rewarding merit and participation are the cornerstones of projects for childhood.

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Indian women are often invisible to the eyes of society, victims of discrimination, violence and neglect. Supporting a woman means giving her an opportunity for growth and independence, protecting a family, granting the well-being of their children and allowing a whole community to take off.

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Through several projects, together with public authorities and local partners, CARE TO ACTION aims at giving tangible support to communities disadvantaged either for economic or caste reasons, thanks to the supply of services and the renovation of meeting spaces, for an economically and socially sustainable development.

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