The core of CARE TO ACTION‘s commitment

Since the beginning, each project has been aimed at protecting Indian children and young people at risk of marginalization and abandonment or with poor family conditions, facilitating social inclusion and access to quality education. We want to give every child the tools to achieve his/her goals, to be able to realize them and therefore partly contribute to the growth of the community he/she lives in.


Dreams, hopes, redemption... CARE TO ACTION's commitment is to generate opportunities so that every child can fulfil his/her potential. Protecting the rights of children is a duty, being able to accompany them on their growth path is a privilege.


An autonomous and independent woman, thanks to distance support.


Having schools and teachers despite being in a tribal area is possible.

Some numbers about India

children not attending school
0 %
mortality rate at birth
0 %
illiterate population in Andhra Pradesh
0 %
death rate of children between 0 and 5 years old
children suffering from chronic malnutrition
children each year at risk of abuse and domestic violence

Our projects to support children in India

Education is the most powerful tool against poverty and inequality, for this reason the education aspect is fundamental to every CARE TO ACTION project aimed at childhood. It is not enough to simply guarantee access to schooling, it becomes necessary to collaborate with institutions, organisations and local communities in order to protect and promote the fundamental rights of children.


By activating distance support for children and young people with a difficult social, economic or family situation, they are guaranteed access to education and adequate care and are given the opportunity to continue their studies up to university.


This project is aimed at guiding young people in their choice of a university and/or vocational path to follow, supporting them through courses targeted to enhancing certain skills, scholarships and internships in companies and professional firms.


CARE TO ACTION directly supports and manages educational and childcare facilities in the slums of Vijayawada and Hyderabad. It provides staff, venue rental, food support and school materials for various shelters, foster homes and schools.

The children of Mangoes Home

In the CARE TO ACTION group home