The Future of India project has officially started

This morning, April 12, 2024, at the Council Hall of the Municipality of Longarone (BL) was held the press conference to present the project Future of India, in collaboration with the Mayor of Longarone and president of the province of Belluno, Roberto Padrin, at the behest of I Bambini dell'Arcobaleno - Bambarco Onlus. "Our goal is to ensure a brighter and more hopeful future for these children, through concrete and targeted interventions that will provide a real sign of the future", explains the president of Bambarco Onlus, Marisa Tomasella.

The president of the International Adoption Commission, Minister Eugenia Maria Roccella, in underlining the appreciation for the commitment of The Rainbow Children - Bambarco Onlus and for the Future of India project, Mr Vincenzo Starita, Vice-President of the Commission.

Dr Angelo Vernillo, Project Manager of Future of India, highlighted how this project will reach over 2,251 minors and 1,225 disadvantaged adults included in humanitarian projects on three main areas of action: Child Protection, Education, Early childhood development/early childhood care and education.

Also present or connected at a distance are representatives of the Italian and Indian partner organizations: Nadia Onlus of Verona, Lo Scoiattolo Onlus of Terni, Associazione Ariete Onlus of Naples, Associazione Amici Trentini ODV of Trento and Bolzano, Famiglia Insieme Cooperativa Sociale of Rome, Associazione Italiana Pro Adozioni - A.I.P.A. Erga Pueros Onlus present in several Italian cities, Care To Action Onlus-Ong di Mestre (VE), La Gioia di Vivere Odv di Terni and Indian partners Murali Krishna Trust MKT and Centre for Social Action.

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