The Future of India project officially started

February 14 is an important date and we all know it well, but for us this date has also seen the start of a program in which we believe a lot and which is really something that means promoting rights and pushing for change together: Future of India.

The Commission for International Adoptions is one of the partners in the Edu-Care project. With them and with other Italian and Indian realities we have created Future of India, a network that aims to put in place actions aimed at improving the living conditions of children, from the moment of birth until the age of 18. The aim is to strengthen protection and protection mechanisms children from fragile contexts and degrading situations, raising awareness of their rights, as well as ensuring education for the weakest sections of the population and strengthening structures responsible for monitoring and safeguarding health and adequate nutritional standards of the smallest.

In addition to having direct and concrete repercussions in the short period, you want to lay the foundations to grow more adults aware and respectful of fundamental human rights, people which in turn will be committed to the protection and dissemination of a culture respectful of self and neighbour.