Romina Carrisi

Romina Jolanda Carrisi Power was born on June 1, 1987, in Cellino San Marco, Italy.
Raised between Italy and the USA, she spent her life in the spotlight and, just like her parents, she soon became very well known by the international public.
Independent, passionate but gentle and sensitive at the same time, she has proven in time her strong personality and natural charisma, as well as the attitude to express herself through art.
Amongst her many activities and achievements, there are photographic exhibitions and appearances in movies, tv shows and theatre performances.
With her poetry book “Se solo fossimo altrove” she shared her love for writing and her talent in translating into verse states of mind and emotions.
She is currently working on a script and is a regular guest in the tv show “Oggi è un altro giorno” on Rai1.
Together with her mother Romina Power, she was guest of honor at the event “Light for the future” in favor of COVID-19 orphans and widows.