Our organisation is expanding

We welcome Giovanna Fortuni, new Operations Director


We are going through an exciting period of growth and transformation.
Active in Italy and present in India with programmes to support women, children and whole communities, our organisation is ready to take another leap forward.

As well as helping hundreds of children and young people to study and develop their full potential through distance learning, we are increasingly involved in international cooperation projects funded by the Italian Bishops’ Conference, the Commission for International Adoptions, the Zanetti Foundation, the Waldensian Church, 8 per mille Gov, Prima Spes and others.

In order to cope with this growth, our staff in Italy and India are acquiring specific skills in order to best meet the needs of the people to whom the interventions are addressed and to guarantee transparency and professionalism in international cooperation projects.

In view of this expansion, the Board of Directors has decided to add to the organisation chart the position of Operations Director, who will act as a bridge between the Italian and Indian staff, supporting the development and implementation of projects in India and their management in Italy.

From left to right:

Elisabetta Zegna, President of CARE TO ACTION; Antonio Benci, General Manager; Giovanna Fortuni, Operations Director.

My name is Giovanna Fortuni and I am proud to join the CARE TO ACTION team, taking on this key role which I am proud of and which I hope to fulfil to the best of my ability. My desk is in Mestre – Venice, next to Antonio Benci, the General Manager, and Annalisa Nava and Sara Quaglia, who are in charge of the cooperation and development programmes in India and their monitoring and evaluation.

My work will also be linked to that of Vera Cassetti, who manages the administration and accounts, and Giovanna Mantegazzini, CARE TO ACTION’s Communications Manager, in order to share the knowledge and experience gained in the field with our network of supporters.

With Pamela Baldan, Sara and Annalisa, we will work on remote support, not only for the children, but also for their families and the communities that receive them.

When I am not in Mestre, I will be travelling regularly to India to join our Indian colleagues, Venkat, Grace, Pavan, Arjun and Beaula, and work with them to ensure that our interventions have a significant impact and result in a better future for the people involved in our programmes.

Let me tell you a little about myself and what I hope to achieve with the CARE TO ACTION team in the coming months.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Master’s degree in Development Cooperation. I have spent over twenty years living and working outside of Italy in various countries including Argentina, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Peru and finally the Horn of Africa. Although I have only travelled to India without ever working there, the country has always fascinated me and I am incredibly eager to start working there.

During my professional career, I have been actively involved, first as a volunteer, then as a project manager, country representative, regional coordinator and finally as a technical advisor in international cooperation projects on various issues including water, education, women’s development and climate change.

In recent years, I have been particularly interested in impact assessment and the active involvement of communities at all stages of project implementation.

I am thrilled to be able to bring my experience and skills to CARE TO ACTION and to work with this multi-ethnic and multi-cultural team to make a positive and lasting impact not only on the lives of individuals, but also on the lives of their families and communities. I believe that by combining our strengths and resources, we will be able to deliver more and more meaningful projects that will help to develop the full potential of the people we meet.

Thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for your support and your trust.