Marco Bortolami was born in Padua on June 12, 1980, and made his debut as a rugby player with the “Petrarca Padova” team, in which he played until 2004. After obtaining a scientific high school diploma, he studied mechanical engineering at the University of Padua.
Marco made his international debut in rugby at the age of 20, he played 114 matches with the National team, a record that he has set on February 14, 2015, during the Six Nations Championship against England.
In 2001, aged only 21, he became Italy’s youngest ever team’s captain, during a match against All Blacks, when he scored his first try in the National team.

On June 9, 2012, during a match against Argentina, he beat his record with 38 appearances as a team’s captain. Among his accomplishments, he led Italy to two consecutive victories in the Six Nations Championship, against Scotland and Wales in 2007, and in a match against Argentina’s Pumas in 2006.
After leaving the Petrarca Padova team in 2004, he played in the main French championship in Narbonne for two years, then he joined the English Premiership in Gloucester for four seasons.
He was awarded with the captaincy for all the Italian and international teams he has played with, such as the Aironi and the Zebre, which both compete in the Pro14, the main European championship for the Italian, Walsh, Scottish and Irish clubs.
Marco also wrote his autobiography “Vita da Capitano”, where he narrates about his professional and personal life.
In July 2016 he was appointed coach at Benetton Rugby team and at the Under 18 rugby academy in Treviso.