From sharing to action: Care&Share becomes CARE TO ACTION

In occasion of the extraordinary meeting of associates, on January 26, 2023, an important decision was made: Care&Share became CARE TO ACTION.

A new name and a renovated logo were chosen to convey our joy and energy for the goals achieved together in the 30 years of our activity.

We made this choice to highlight how much the association has grown through the years: the people we have helped, the projects we have developed, the communities we have reached.

Our organization has over 30-year history and the international cooperation in developing countries has changed significantly through the years. We have changed as well, always keeping in mind the well-being of the entire community, cooperating with local and international partners and expanding our scope to the most needful areas.

The meaning behind the words

“Care” refers to the basic principle of all our activities, our sincere commitment to take care of the others. We have shifted from just “Share” to “Action” because of the sense of responsibility, the passion and the joy that nourish the projects we are working on and those we wish to accomplish in the future. United we can make our roots deeper; our care in what we do will generate new precious experiences and provide a shelter for children and families.

The tree, a symbol of life and future

The evolution of CARE TO ACTION has also involved our logo. The tree, with its solid roots and flourishing leafy branches, is an ancient symbol of life and represents a safe shelter. It is now enriched with colors, which represent the love and commitment nourishing all the members of CARE TO ACTION. This lifeblood will bring new projects and lead us into a path of continuous growth, just like the new flowers and leaves of a tree.

This is how we would like to thank you all for being our lifeblood and roots, for the love and warmth you have been giving for thirty years. A kindness that helped provide an education for 22.500 children, assistance during the pandemic for more than 18.000 people in India, and a shelter for 1.504 women into the Women4Change program. Children, families, people, and not just numbers!


Thank you