We retrace the first stages of our mission with Monica Mattiolo.


Over the past few weeks, our team has been working with our Indian colleagues on a monitoring and evaluation mission in India.


This is a very important moment to review the community and social impact of our interventions. In fact, the mission gives us the opportunity to meet and discuss face-to-face with partners and local authorities, with specific meetings with the people involved in our projects, such as women, children and community members, to listen to their opinions and share the development path we are taking together.


For the first few days, we were accompanied by Monica Mattiolo, director of our Insieme magazine and host of our ESPRESSO INDIANO podcast, who helped us document the mission and share the experience.
On our social channels Facebook (facebook.com/CareToAction) and Instagram (instagram.com/care_to_action) you can follow the stages of their journey, which took place in different areas of southern India: from Hyderabad to the tribal village of Dekkapuram, passing through Vijayawada, areas where we are present with different projects.

A journey full of emotion and meaning, as conveyed by the video and the words Monica herself wrote on her return to Italy.

Dear friends of CARE TO ACTION,
it is a pleasure to share with you my “baptism” with India, my first time in this incredible country full of contradictions: of great opportunities for some on the one hand, and extreme hardship and marginalisation for many, too many, on the other.
You must be proud of the contribution you are making, have made or will make to CARE TO ACTION. In fact, I have seen with my own eyes the impact of our organisation’s intervention in some communities in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Dekkapuram. Giving these girls and children a safe and welcoming place to stay, grow and learn; supporting mothers who are left alone and helping them to fend for themselves. This, and so much more, means changing the future for these people, giving them a chance at a better life.
That is worth so much. Thank you 🙏”

One thing is certain: if you visit India and have the opportunity to get to know its culture, to talk to its people and to lose yourself in the smiles, dreams and hopes of the little ones – but also of the older girls and women – your life will be enriched by a new, unforgettable part.


If, like Monica, you would like to see and touch the projects and activities we are following in India, please contact us on 041 2443292 or write an email to info@caretoaction.org